This page is a collection of a variety of links which I found to be of interest . Some of these links are serious, some are informative, some are educational some are humorous and some are bizarre. See if you find any links of interest to you.

Take a look at the earth from Space

Take a look at the U.S from Space

Today in history

Tommy's List of Live Cam Worldwide

The Museum of dirt

Visit the Planet of the Apes

On Stagnant Pond Visit the home of the Pink Flamingo

Get your own Pink Flamingo

International Center for Research on Women

The Nanoworld Home Page

The Whole Brain Atlas

World Health Organization WWW Home Page

Get your Degree in "Web Surfing"

Learn when to use a Toothpick or a Nosepick

Have you ever committed a Crime?

Visit the Neato Donkey Page

Need to know what to do with an Armadillo?

Want to see a Whale Exploding

Need a Vacation?

Would you like to hear a great speech?

Want to visit an Alien?

Copyright and the Internet

Is Nature Beautiful?

Visit the Virtual Autopsy

Find a GRAVE

The Constitution of the United States

The Declaration of Independence

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